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Samantha's Stationery Box

"A wonderful addition to my office!"
Samantha, Virginia

Megan's Box

"I'm telling you, the box is awesome! The pattern (grain) spilling over the top is a work of art that will be encapsulated and loved for a lifetime. Thanks so much...We were treated like 'one of their own' in making a box for our granddaughter using vintage craftsmanship. From the chiseled carved letter to the spray of wood grain, then the choice of cherry to the finish of the splines, all came together to create a treasured masterpiece. This unique box is more than we'd expected. STUNNING!"
Sally & Randy, Florida

"Your boxes are beautiful, and your prices are very reasonable."
Sal, Arizona

"The box is beautiful! It is so wonderful to have Ford's cremains in something so special."
Janie, Virginia

St. Thomas Mahogany Chest

"I wanted to let you know that Alex and I are delighted with the boxes! They will last for years....The quality of them is wonderful!"
Maggie, Texas

Virginia Catering Company Tea Chest

"The tea chest is perfect. It sits on our serving line at every event. Many people ask where we got it, so we tell them. Thanks!"
Virginia Catering Company, Virginia

"The box is just beautiful!"
Craig, Ontario

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