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A Piece of my Heart

Handmade Wooden Gift Boxes

Dedicated to the preservation of life's precious memories, in wood.

When you have a special gift to give,or a precious memory to preserve, make the presentation even more memorable by using a wooden gift box instead of wrapping paper or a gift bag. OLD COLONY WOODWORKS handcrafts each beautiful container with precision and care. Our designs are perfect for holidays, weddings, special events, and other meaningful occasions.

Tomobako Box

The Tomobako box is a traditional Japanese presentation/gift box often used for high-quality ceramic tea bowls and teapots. It can be adapted for any special gift item like a holiday tree ornament, a ring, or a small keepsake nestled in tissue paper. Tomobako boxes are traditionally unfinished, so you can add ribbon (instructions included), decorations, and other personal touches such as signatures, decals, and stencils.

Our interpretation of the Tomobako box is 5" x 5" x 5" (4" x 4" x 4" inside), with a removable lid, a felt pad cushioning the inside, and bottom ribbon slots. Boxes are made from 1/2" Eastern White Pine.  Give us a call at (339) 469-7389 if you need a different size or would like a different type of wood.  Price is $25 each or 3 for $69 and includes shipping via UPS ground.

Tomobako Box

A Box Just For Wishes

Measuring 10”x10”x4”, This box was designed for a wedding reception to accept "Wishes" and gifts for the bride and groom. The box is lined with wedding party colors. "Thank you so much for our precious 'Box Just For Wishes". It was not only a GORGEOUS box, but it was so special to have it for our guests to write encouraging well wishes for us. Thank you for the ability to look back on our favorite memories for many years to come. We will cherish our box of wishes forever!"

Tomobako Box

A Piece of My Heart

These small (65-cubic inch) and medium (150-cubic inch) keepsake boxes feature decorative splined corners and snap lock closure. This box was originally designed as a gift box containing an expensive piece of jewelry for a "precious" keepsake moment.

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A Piece of my Heart